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Uncertain States Scandinavia Issue 07


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Uncertain States Scandinavia Issue 06

Uncertain States Scandinavia Issue 05

Open Call jury: Damian Heinisch, Marie Sjøvold, Cecilie Nissen, Ann Eringstam, Tor Henrik Fjelldal, Dag Alveng, Helene Gulaker Hansen, Helge Skodvind and Uncertain States (London).

The 9 selected artists (with comments) for our Open Call issue is

Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard
“By far the best entry. A touching and moving project. Great images AND a very good text. I want to see more.” -Helge Skodvin.

”Dønn ærlig fremstilling, konseptuelt troverdig og umiddelbart forståelig, fungerer best som serie av samtlige utvalg da hvert bilde knytter sammen historien, løsrevet mener jeg også første foto er en klar vinner av samtlige bidrag.” –Tor Henrik Fjelldal.

Jorun Eikill Veflen
”Vakkert! Lekent, nydelig komposisjon, Wish I was there.” -Helene Gulaker Hansen.

”A tranquil and sublime project with much feeling.” –Ann Eringstam.

The little details. The angle of the hand, the fabric in the corner of the frame. These things. Nice.” –Helge Skodvin.

Maria Gossé
”Fotografiene utmerker seg både i farge, komposisjon og innhold, og interør og modeller utfyller hverandre på en overbevisende måte. Bildene utrykker både integritet, humor, selvtillit og intimitet. Gossé undersøker en subkultur preget av regler, ritualer og symboler som er ukjent for mange, og hun beveger seg tett innpå karakterene ved å plassere dem i deres private omgivelser. Kvinnekroppene står i kontrast til det retusjerte reklameidealet man vanligvis ser i resten av samfunnet. De utfordrer våre forventninger til kroppsidealer og insisterer på retten til ulikhet og skjønnheten i at vi alle er forskjellige. Fotoserien fungerer også som helhet og jeg får lyst til å se mer.” –Cecilie Nissen.

Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen
”Fotografen har hatt et tydelig konsept, som er veldig godt gjennomført. Hun har utforsket fotografiets muligheter og jobbet metodisk for å komme frem til arbeider som rører, men som også lar publikum stå igjen med egne opplevelser og spørsmål.” –Marie Sjøvold.

An emphatic project, which represents the approach to someone ́s else life through the medium. The tension expands in the space between the chosen images. Divided and connected through one line arise questions of identity, time and belonging.” –Damian Heinisch.

Kristine Wathne
“A fantastic project that is cohesive and thorough.”-Ann Eringstam.

Lars Vilhelmsen
“A professionally presented project with a lot of humor.”-Ann Eringstam.

Daniel P. Agung
“Daniels images work, for me, on numerous levels. The photography is not only well executed it has a precise function within the context in which he chooses to set it. Daniels work talks of the linearity of life and the photograph making the spaces between finite and infinite (both the physical and the metaphysical) tangible, and to a certain degree, visible. Daniel also talks about the abstract and intimate in relation to his work-two elements, that, when combined with the uncanny, are the strange chemistry that make the photographic image such a fiercely intense visual art form. The way Daniel Juxtaposes his images gives a remarkable strength which allows an expression, if not total preservation, of the individuality of the moment. -Uncertain States.

Hilde H. Honerud
“Forced emigration of refugees has been covered extensively in the media in the past year, but lost due to recent events. An important project, which touches our closest environment and deserves most attention. All chosen people are detouched from their origin situations and portrayed in a respectful way. The used technique challenges our perception and expectations toward an anonymous study and typology. Despite the images manage to showe this humans as individuals through the photographic depiction.” –Damian Heinisch. 

Kai Tormod Hansen
”Overraskende og vakkert.” –Dag Alveng.



For the 4th issue we had the idea to make a site-specific broadsheet with ten photographers. We decided to go to Kjøllefjord, 70,5 degrees North and not far from Kirkenes, this January. To do photography in Northern Norway during January is quit a challenge, so this issue depicts the arctic darkness, and is our own “black album”.

”Er det dere som er fotograferne?
Jeg hørte på radioen i morges at dere var værfast
Jo, jeg vet hvem dere er”
A man at the Esso gas station

And there we where, wearing sneakers, jeans jackets and without long johns, so anyone could easily spot us. We are 10 lens-based artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Britain: Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød, Bård Ek, Christina Leithe H., Charlie Fjätström, Eirik Knoop, Jói Kjartans, Terje Abusdal, Tor Simen Ulstein, Trude Bekk and Will Vickers.

The end results of this journey are 10 individual stories from these artists, published in Uncertain States / Kjøllefjord, Issue 04.


As part of the exhibition, UCSS has put together a film night and artist talks at the 18th of February from 1800.

Galleri Seilduken
Fossveien 24 0551 Oslo
Vernissge Friday 10th of February 18:00-20:00
Opening hours
Saturday – Sunday, 12:00 – 16:00

FREDRIK LARSSON´s appealing images are about how we choose to perceive ourselves and how easily we manipulate the self-image JÓI KJARTANS´ intuitiveness has resulted in a hell of a lot images and the project is called 64° the unbeliever JON WANG has honored the small and charactheristic buddhist shrines you find here there painter and poet KIRSTEN OPSTAD uses her old phone camera to capture everyday magic KRISTINE WATHNE barges in to people´s private space in their vehicles REBECCA RAVNEBERG reveals a broken and/or recovered heart and we love her poetic imagery RUNA AMANDA dazzles you with young adultness, pastel colors and clever messages in her book SABINA JACOBSSON is another cinematographer who also likes to express herself with the medium photography and our own TOR SIMEN ULSTEIN has his own way of photographing the landscape

Fredrik Larsson – http://svartselet.se
JÓI KJARTANS – http://www.joi.is
JON WANG – http://jonwang.viewbook.com
KIRSTEN OPSTAD –  http://kirstenopstad.no
KRISTINE WATHNE –  http://kristinewathne.format.com/#1
REBECCA RAVNEBERG – http://www.rebeccaravneberg.com
RUNA AMANDA – http://www.runaamanda.com/#1
SABINA JACOBSSON – http://www.sabina.no
TOR SIMEN ULSTEIN – http://www.tsulstein.com

In our second issue there are 9 artists with individual photographic projects. You will find everything from forest, darkness and forces of nature captured on large samples of paper film, an “ode” to Lofoten, a diary and search for own roots, self-portraits, a cinematographer´s documentation of the characteristic of people in still images, a work of several b/w images, a call out to the materialistic public, a small town in Sweden namely Lillhärdal and images of several small communities that makes you think about what life is really about.

Stig Marlon Weston – www.weston.no
Rebecca Jafari – www.rebeccajafari.com
Łukasz Zamaro – http://www.zama.ro
Kristin Slotterøy – kristin.slotteroy@gmail.com
Ihne Pedersen –  www.ihnebilder.no
Gjert Rognli – http://grognli.wix.com/theforgottenplace
Gard Aukrust – www.gardaukrust.com
Charlie Fjätström – www.charliefjatstrom.com
Caterina Bernardi – www.caterinabernardi.com

Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterødwww.astrid-gs.com
puzzle over modern human behaviour and take images of electric light sources.
Inga Björkwww.glesbygdsbor.se
contemplate on what we are afraid and ask why so many of us are afraid of this “others”.
Anne Lise Flavik – photographer and project manager, Fotografihuset 2016
write that “it is as difficult to define the term photography as it is to define love”.
Ingvild Melberg Eikelandwww.ingvild-melbergeikeland.squarespace.com/
poetic and beautiful documentation of bird watchers.
Janne Amalie Svitwww.imagetroopers.com
inspired by Björk materialises a series of flowery, imaginative studio images.
Magdalena Kotkowska – makot21@gmail.com
takes images of gardens in her hometown in Poland, a fascinating interplay between man and nature.
Merete Hasethwww.imagetroopers.com
inspired by the writings of Haruki Murakami, alluring images that try to “depict a certain state or a mood of the inhabitants in an imaginary country”.
Mona Ødegårdwww.monamonamona.com
dealing with dog shows where dogs are judged by their appearances. The judge quotes could be transferred in to the context of people judging other people.
Ole Brodersenwww.olebrodersen.com
with his tools, a large format camera, led lights, a bonfire, sailing supply and such, he photographs the forces of nature.