Uncertain States / Scandinavia


We are calling for artists for publications in 2023;


The paper tends to be thematic and led by the creative writing that we publish alongside the images. It may be that your work will not fit with a particular issue, but be assured that your work would be held for re-consideration for a future edition. We would contact you for future issues if selected.

For e-mail submissions we require:
Low-res images
A short description of your work in English
A brief, recent biography
Your contact details

Please be aware that the newspaper is an artist led project and non-profit. We are not beholden to advertising or advertorial. Ucs. Scandinavia is self-funded by the contributors to the newspaper and we ask that all featured artists contribute to the cost of the publication. We simply divide the cost of production between the artists in each issue. This fee covers the publication of your work in the paper and printing costs.

Due to the format of the paper an image chosen for the front cover will be cropped to fit, agreeing to have your image on the front cover means agreeing to these terms.

After we have curated the submissions and developed an initial design, we will request your high resolution files of the selected images and final copy, your contact details and payment will be requested.

You must also please take into consideration that the images are printed on newsprint and so the quality is unique and not all colours reproduce accurately. We feel that the quality has its own unique feel.

Ucs. Scandinavia offers a platform for both writers and photographers. We are very appreciative of the text supplied enabling discourse on photography. Submitted text, or proposals of stories and dialogue by creative writers are welcomed.