Uncertain States / Scandinavia

FREDRIK LARSSON´s appealing images are about how we choose to perceive ourselves and how easily we manipulate the self-image JÓI KJARTANS´ intuitiveness has resulted in a hell of a lot images and the project is called 64° the unbeliever JON WANG has honored the small and charactheristic buddhist shrines you find here there painter and poet KIRSTEN OPSTAD uses her old phone camera to capture everyday magic KRISTINE WATHNE barges in to people´s private space in their vehicles REBECCA RAVNEBERG reveals a broken and/or recovered heart and we love her poetic imagery RUNA AMANDA dazzles you with young adultness, pastel colors and clever messages in her book SABINA JACOBSSON is another cinematographer who also likes to express herself with the medium photography and our own TOR SIMEN ULSTEIN has his own way of photographing the landscape

Fredrik Larsson – http://svartselet.se
JÓI KJARTANS – http://www.joi.is
JON WANG – http://jonwang.viewbook.com
KIRSTEN OPSTAD –  http://kirstenopstad.no
KRISTINE WATHNE –  http://kristinewathne.format.com/#1
REBECCA RAVNEBERG – http://www.rebeccaravneberg.com
RUNA AMANDA – http://www.runaamanda.com/#1
SABINA JACOBSSON – http://www.sabina.no
TOR SIMEN ULSTEIN – http://www.tsulstein.com