Uncertain States / Scandinavia

In our second issue there are 9 artists with individual photographic projects. You will find everything from forest, darkness and forces of nature captured on large samples of paper film, an “ode” to Lofoten, a diary and search for own roots, self-portraits, a cinematographer´s documentation of the characteristic of people in still images, a work of several b/w images, a call out to the materialistic public, a small town in Sweden namely Lillhärdal and images of several small communities that makes you think about what life is really about.

Stig Marlon Weston – www.weston.no
Rebecca Jafari – www.rebeccajafari.com
Łukasz Zamaro – http://www.zama.ro
Kristin Slotterøy – kristin.slotteroy@gmail.com
Ihne Pedersen –  www.ihnebilder.no
Gjert Rognli – http://grognli.wix.com/theforgottenplace
Gard Aukrust – www.gardaukrust.com
Charlie Fjätström – www.charliefjatstrom.com
Caterina Bernardi – www.caterinabernardi.com