Uncertain States / Scandinavia

issue 4


For the 4th issue we had the idea to make a site-specific broadsheet with ten photographers. We decided to go to Kjøllefjord, 70,5 degrees North and not far from Kirkenes, this January. To do photography in Northern Norway during January is quit a challenge, so this issue depicts the arctic darkness, and is our own “black album”.

”Er det dere som er fotograferne?
Jeg hørte på radioen i morges at dere var værfast
Jo, jeg vet hvem dere er”
-A man at the Esso gas station

And there we where, wearing sneakers, jeans jackets and without long johns, so anyone could easily spot us. We are 10 lens-based artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Britain: Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterød, Bård Ek, Christina Leithe H., Charlie Fjätström, Eirik Knoop, Jói Kjartans, Terje Abusdal, Tor Simen Ulstein, Trude Bekk and Will Vickers.

The end results of this journey are 10 individual stories from these artists, published in Uncertain States / Kjøllefjord, Issue 04.