Uncertain States / Scandinavia

issue 1

Astrid Gjersøe Skåtterødwww.astrid-gs.com
puzzle over modern human behaviour and take images of electric light sources.
Inga Björkwww.glesbygdsbor.se
contemplate on what we are afraid and ask why so many of us are afraid of this “others”.
Anne Lise Flavik – photographer and project manager, Fotografihuset 2016
write that “it is as difficult to define the term photography as it is to define love”.
Ingvild Melberg Eikelandwww.ingvild-melbergeikeland.squarespace.com/
poetic and beautiful documentation of bird watchers.
Janne Amalie Svitwww.imagetroopers.com
inspired by Björk materialises a series of flowery, imaginative studio images.
Magdalena Kotkowska – makot21@gmail.com
takes images of gardens in her hometown in Poland, a fascinating interplay between man and nature.
Merete Hasethwww.imagetroopers.com
inspired by the writings of Haruki Murakami, alluring images that try to “depict a certain state or a mood of the inhabitants in an imaginary country”.
Mona Ødegårdwww.monamonamona.com
dealing with dog shows where dogs are judged by their appearances. The judge quotes could be transferred in to the context of people judging other people.
Ole Brodersenwww.olebrodersen.com
with his tools, a large format camera, led lights, a bonfire, sailing supply and such, he photographs the forces of nature.